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Semaprochilodus insignis  (Jardine, 1841)
Closed Period

Semaprochilodus insignis

(Jardine, 1841)


Popular Names: Big scale Jaraqui, Large scale Jaraqui, Thick scale Jaraqui, Jeraqui.

Size: Medium size, can reach up to 35 cm.

   It is a herbivorous, detritivorous fish, feeding on higher plants and bottom residues, such as silt. It is a species that migrates over great distances in huge shoals, according to the season.the year. The first migration occurs in the rainy season, for reproduction, when they migrate to the headwaters of rivers.
  They travel hundreds of kilometers and are usually seen jumping through the slides.ras, in a similar way to salmon, returning to their place of origin to spawn.

   After spawning, the fertilized eggs drift along nutrient-rich floodplains, functioning as a kind of nursery for the fry to develop.


   The Jaraqui is a fish with thick scales in cycloid format, which has an elongated and somewhat irregular body. Its coloration is silvery, with greenish to brown tones and stripes on the caudal fin.

   It is a benthopelagic species, migratory of tropical climate. Optimum temperature range between 22 to 26 °C and pH from 5.5 to 7.2.

Geographic distribution
   The Jaraqui is distributed in South America, in the Amazon basin and tributary rivers.

potential for cultivation

   Because it is a colorful species, it has generated great interest in aquarists. It adapts to the aquarium environment and accepts most foods offered.

closed period
  November 15th to May 15thration.

Semaprochilodus insignis  (Jardine, 1841)
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