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   The Guide to Commercialized Fish in Monte Alegre results from an extension project developed since 2018 by the Monte Alegre Campus of the Federal University of Western Pará. of the recognition of the importance that fish has, through the generation of employment, income, in the movement of the economy of Monte Alegre, a municipality in the Baixo Amazonas with several riverside communities, in addition to the strong presence of fish in the daily life of the population of this region, as the main item food culture and recreational and extractive fishing.  Even with the outstanding role that fish plays in the life of the Montealegrense community, until then there was no material that provided information  on the species commercialized and consumed in the municipality.

    In view of this, the guide portrays, in an organized and accessible manner, the fish species sold in the local market, bringing bioecological information, scientific and popular names, potential for cultivation and closed period. Initially, the guide was produced in e-book and printed book format, publications that had the invaluable support of local fishmongers and fishmongers, but to expand access, providing greater dissemination of information about Amazonian fish species and appreciation of these resources , is that this site was designed and intended for society in general, both fish consumers, researchers and others interested in the diversity of Amazonian fishing resources.


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Ivana Barbosa Veneza

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Luan Patrick Moura de Souza

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Elciane Araújo de Freitas

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Millena da Silva Campos

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How to reference the Guide

Use the information and images in the guide giving due credit to the authors. Refer to publications:

Reference for this website:

SOUZA, Luan Patrick Moura de; VENEZA, Ivana Barbosa; FREITAS, Elciane Araújo de; CAMPOS, Millena da Silva.Guide to fish marketed in Monte Alegre.Web site. 2023. Available at: Access at:access date

Reference for publication in E-book format:

VENEZA, Ivana Barbosa; FREITAS, Elciane Araújo de; CAMPOS, Millena da Silva; SOUZA, Luan Patrick Moura de; FERREIRA, Charles Samuel Moraes; RADAEL, Marcella Costa; BENTES, Danylo Mendes Caetano; SILVA, Jamilly Varela da.Guide to fish marketed in Monte Alegre. 1st ed. Ponta Grossa: Atena Editora, 2023. E-book. Available in: at:Access Date


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